Crushed Velvet Coordinates

Coordinate Sets. What can I say… I kind of love them. From the ugliest pattern to the most beautiful. I am ALWAYS drawn to them. There’s something “jolie laide” about the the matchy matchiness of it all. It conjures up Puff Daddy & Mase ensembles and  Britney and Justin Canadian Tuxedos. Perhaps the most  enjoyable element of the coordinate set is the ease with which one can get dressed and still look and feel put together or, dare I say… chic?

This crushed velvet coordinate set is probably the sexiest outfit I’ve worn in a while. Normally I look for the baggiest clothing I can find and wrap myself in over-sized coats, blanket scarves (even the pom-pom on my hat is fairly over-sized) and greet the winter in this stalwart armor. And that is not to say baggy isn’t sexy. I feel sexy as hell in my over-sized sweaters and Hanes underwear. Sexy. As. Hell.  Buuut I have to say one way to start “feeling yo’ self” again is to slip on a form-fitting co-ord set and prance around in your room in front of your full length mirror. DO NOT start to feel yo’ self so much that you venture outside in 50 degree weather because you’re excited it’s warmer and have forgetten to take into account that the wind chill doesn’t give a shit whether you’re excited that you still got it or not. Stay safe in your warm house posted up in front of that mirror with the heat firmly set to 75 degrees. And let me do that crazy ish for you.

What I love about this look:

  • That I can show a leeetle bit of skin without feeling like I’m trying too hard
  • This thrifted Emporio Armani blazer with some serious shoulder pad clout
  • This tri-color velvet purse



Tia’s Place// Tri-color Velvet Tote

Tia’s Place//Crop Top

Tia’s Place// Skirt